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VersIT Unified Communications

VersIT Unified Communications

VersIT will work with you to define your communications needs on all levels. This includes, Data, Voice, Video, Compute, Security and Storage. These components brought together in harmony create a unified communications solution unmatched by any “IP Telephony” solution.

VersIT’s Communications can improve overall time management of an organization by increasing accessibility to key decision makers, reducing delays and unifying multiple applications into a single platform. Messaging can be streamlined, conference calls can be set up quickly and critical time sensitive issues can be addressed expediently. These changes lead to greater productivity, enhanced customer interaction and an increase overall in customer satisfaction.

The building blocks alone are simple, but only VersIT can put them together in a way that aligns with your business and your goals.

Aligning your implementation process with VersIT’s Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, and Optimize methodology, VersIT has used this as a guide in developing our process to ensure project discovery, design, delivery and support.

Review Your Goals

We collaborate with you to ensure we understand your business and know what matters most to you. We do an analysis of your current infrastructure for use when designing and developing your solution.


Analyze and Develop a Solution

Based on our review we provide you with a comprehensive plan which address your needs, goals and long term objectives. We demonstrate how our service and solution can enhance your business experience.


Implementation of solution

We leverage our deployment methodology and project team to deliver your project.

• Review the purchased equipment and statement of work.

• Confirm the design and develop a detailed design document for implementation.

• Schedule resources to deliver the project.

• System cutover and support

Network Operations

We can assist you with day to day operations with our support program.

• Network Monitoring

• Infrastructure Security Review

• On Call Network Support

• Moves Adds and Changesunified-banner